Mindful-Somatic Trauma Therapy Trainings

These comments are taken from anonymous surveys completed by participants at the end of the training: 

“I have gained both academically and personally, from doing this course. I am left with a feeling of enormous gratitude.”

“I couldn’t rate Paris higher in terms of his leadership in this group. I have never experienced a more competent workshop leader.”

“I am so grateful to Paris for his depth of experience, passion and commitment to this work. I gained so much from this workshop both personally and professionally.”

“A thoroughly enjoyable and beneficial workshop, so worth every cent I paid! Thank you Paris.”

“This was the best training I’ve ever done on both a personal and professional level.”

“The training has remained with me even days later and I have spoken with others who say the same thing. It was an experience that gradually immersed and melded and integrated and calls me on. The magic of Somatic work under the guidance of a self-aware, kind and deeply knowledgeable therapist.”

“I have appreciated this training, well worth the money spent, an excellent investment in my practice and in the lives of the people I have the privilege to work with.”

“I felt that Paris walked the talk beautifully. That to me is the strength of his leadership in that he embodied what he was teaching, which is what I will take the most from. My hope is to have internalised some of Paris’s style for my own practice. I also felt the structure of the whole course was well conceived from an educational perspective in terms of the way information was presented, demonstrated, experientially trialed and several times reflected upon.”

“Explained things in a way that was easy to understand and apply. I appreciated the experiential nature. Often, courses have a lot of theory and not enough practical application. This was done really well.”

“It was awesome. I am so pleased I was part of this training.”

“The course exceeded my expectations and I look forward to extending my new understanding to my clients. I will be recommending this training to my colleagues with interest in trauma and somatic symptoms.”

“The practice allowed me to better integrate the learning. The content was all useful, but having the framework delivered in the way it was made it easier to integrate, which has led me to come away feeling confident to start working in this way. I am excited to take this framework and guiding principles and sit them alongside other kaupapa Maori approaches and begin to weave them together.”

“Paris worked on several levels at once, fielding questions, monitoring pace and timetable constraints and pitching the learning to the level of experience in the room. He made it safe to ‘not know’ and therefore people felt free to ask what they were wondering about.”

“Paris is warm and knows his stuff. I look forward to doing more training with Paris.”

“The instructor beautifully modeled the processes which unfolded in a very organic sequence.”

“The content was delivered in a clear, structured and fully logical sequence which was so very helpful in understanding the material. Watching Paris model the therapy techniques was invaluable.

“Paris lives the values of NVC, did artful demos of the gentle guiding through processing, has a lovely warm supportive style and is clearly highly experienced – it was a real treat.”

“It was excellent and I really appreciate all the work and care Paris put into it.”

“Absolutely loved the course and Paris’s grasp of the material and his ability to communicate and demonstrate it was masterful.”

“I felt that Paris took a tremendous amount of information and distilled it into very manageable, concrete and concise points. His presentations were easy to follow and not overly technical so that regardless of your background knowledge on the subject you could follow along easily.”

“Paris held the group process, was warm, open and responsive to each person, provided a vast amount of clear information and handout material and further resources, and was encouraging around people managing attendance and self care.”

“Paris is an incredible communicator and able to find simple frameworks to help us understand complex ideas. I appreciated being able to ask questions and that he seemed to do this with patience and grace.”

“A great communicator and absolutely no hubris. Very impressive.”

“Offered spaciousness, allowing the participants to ask questions and explore the material with patience, kindness, and understanding. Also, the instructor offered, in a non-confrontational/easy/non-expectant (no right or wrong – just being) manner, the meditations and body-scans that can seem ‘weird’ to some who are not used to working/living this way.”

“Paris held space with such mastery and humility for us to dive deep into the work and into our own vulnerable interiors.”

“He kept the teaching on track whilst making participants feel heard. Very supportive and gentle.” 

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